EMBODIED (2018– )

EMBODIED is a cycle of works(-in-progress) in which the empathetic resonances of subtle corporeal nuances in musical sound are offered as a communal concert experience. Plans include music for violin, voice (soprano), tuba and percussionist. Methodically, these works also explore tight, explorative composer-performer collaboration. As of writing (Dec 2018), the first two solo pieces exist.

EMBODIED: Violin Solo (2018)
Duration: 10′
Commissioned by Eriikka Maalismaa (with support by TEOSTO)
Fp. Eriikka Maalismaa, violin, Avanti!n Suvisoitto, Porvoo (Finland), 30 June 2018


EMBODIED: Soprano Solo (2018)
Duration ca. 10′
Written for, and very much with, Meeri Pulakka
Fp. Meeri Pulakka, soprano, Young Artist of the Winter series (Uniarts/SibA), Helsinki (Finland), 15 January 2019