EMBODIED (2018– )

EMBODIED is a cycle of works(-in-progress) in which the empathetic resonances of subtle corporeal nuances in musical sound are offered as a composed communal concert experience. Plans so far include music for violin, voice (soprano), tuba and percussionist. Separately, solo, alone – but also together, in all the possible formations. The different combinations from duos and trios to the full quartet (and beyond?) offer unique forms where individualism is reflected on the communal. Methodically, these works explore close, explorative composer-performer collaboration. As of writing (May 2019), the first two solo pieces, and their duo, exist.

EMBODIED: Violin Solo (2018)
Duration: 10′
Commissioned by Eriikka Maalismaa (with support by TEOSTO)
Fp. Eriikka Maalismaa, violin, Avanti!n Suvisoitto, Porvoo (Finland), 30 June 2018

(in case the player above is not working, click here to go hear the music for free over at SoundCloud.com, using your browser.)

Talking about the long artistic research process that led to the composition of EMBODIED: Violin Solo (2018), followed by Eriikka Maalismaa performing the piece live (at 16:30). From KuvA Research Days 2018.

EMBODIED: Soprano Solo (2018)
Duration ca. 10′
Written for, and very much with, Meeri Pulakka
Fp. Meeri Pulakka, soprano, Young Artist of the Winter series (Uniarts/SibA), Helsinki (Finland), 15 January 2019

(in case the player above is not working, click here to go hear the music for free over at SoundCloud.com, using your browser.)

EMBODIED: Soprano Solo (2018) from Jarkko Hartikainen on Vimeo.

EMBODIED: Soprano + Violin (2019)
Duration 10′
Written for Meeri Pulakka and Eriikka Maalismaa
Fp. Meeri Pulakka, soprano, and Eriikka Maalismaa, violin, Institut finlandais, Paris (France), 28 May 2019

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EMBODIED: Tuba Solo (2021)
Duration ca. 10′
Written for Janne Jakobsson
Fp. Janne Jakobsson, Tage der Neuen Musik Bamberg, 30 October 2021