Deciso (2005) for oboe and piano

Deciso (2005) Adobe_PDF_Icon_svg

duo for oboe and piano
oboe and piano
Duration: 10′
Distributor: Music Finland
Fp. Hannu Perttilä, oboe, and Matti Perttula, piano, Musica nova Helsinki, March 6, 2006

This recording is from the first performance:

The instruction ‘deciso’ asks the musicians to make a determined, confident interpretation. Thus I aimed at designing a dramatic span as long as possible. Maintaining the musical intensity for nine minutes in turn called for srtict determination in inverse propotion to confidence.

The vivid zest for life expressed in this rather classically structured work is no doubt a reflection of the love and sometimes mundane joys of a steady relationship.

© 2005 Jarkko Hartikainen