Superpositio (2013) for organ and electronics

Superpositio (2013) Adobe_PDF_Icon_svg
organ, electronics (2ch soundtrack)

‘Superpositio’ was commissioned by Viitasaari Time of Music festival in cooperation with Gaudeamus Muziekweek and Fondation Royaumont under the auspices of the EU-funded Ulysses Network project Organ PLUS.

The piece is written specifically for the 1957 Marcussen organ of the Nicolaïkerk in Utrecht, the Baroque organ of the Viitasaari church (Kangasalan Urkurakentamo 1989), and the 1864 Cavaillé-Coll of the L’abbaye de Royaumont. All the sounds used in the piece have been generated on these organs and then sampled onto a computer for simultaneous use. No manipulations have been made to the samples, in order to allow the three organs to truly sound together. In performance, only the organ of the concert venue is being played live, the two other organ( part)s are performed by the computer. The total sound world consists only of the sound of these three organs, with an obvious exception at the very end. The piece can be considered site-specific for these three venues, and existing in three versions, or ‘positions.’

The title (the Finnish word for ‘superposition’) refers to quantum mechanics, where an electron can be in several places at once.

The recording is from the premiere of the ‘Viitasaari position’ on 1 July 2014 at the Viitasaari Church during the Time of Music festival. The work is performed by organist Age-Freerk Bokma (Berlin). Sound engineer: Timo Kurkikangas. Recording: Anders Pohjola.

Recording of the ‘Utrecht position’ (6 September 2013 by organist Age-Freerk Bokma, sound engineering by the composer):