ICE CONCERTO (2018) Adobe_PDF_Icon_svg
for violin solo and percussion ensemble
Commissioned by Sini Virtanen (with funds provided by the Madetoja Foundation)
Fp. Sini Virtanen, violin, McCormick Percussion Group, cond. Robert McCormick, USF New-Music Festival, Tampa, FL (USA), 8 April 2018

Sini Virtanen, violin
McCormick Percussion Group
Robert McCormick, conductor

world premiere
April 8, 2018 10am (rescheduled from April 7, 2018 7:30pm due to a sudden campus-wide power outage and subsequent evacuation)
2018 USF New-Music Festival
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida


ICE CONCERTO (2018) for violin solo and percussion ensemble

Dedicated to the musicianship of the violin artista Sini Virtanen (Helsinki, FI) — commissioner of the work, funded by Madetoja Foundation — as well as Robert McCormick and his McCormick Percussion Group (USF Tampa, FL). They all gave an absolutely spectacular world premiere at the enticingly tour-de-force USF New-Music Festival 2018 in Tampa, followed by a concentrated and highly musical world premiere recording of my musical little daydream, later on the very same day (!), at the city’s prestigious Spring Theatre studio.

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