Radix (2013) for brass quintet

Radix (2013–14) Adobe_PDF_Icon_svg
Trumpet in C, Trumpet in Bb, Horn in F, Tenor Trombone, Tuba (F)
Duration: 12′

Commissioned by Ensemble Schwerpunkt, with funds provided by Madetoja Foundation (Madetoja-säätiö) and Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden).

Fp: 5 November 2013, Helsinki


(lat. ‘root’, the number of unique digits in a positional numeral system, ie. ‘base’)

Quite early in the composition process of my brass quintet Radix (2013), it became clear that the brass instruments have a lot of material potential. Compared to string and woodwind instruments, the properties in brass seemed to be somewhat understudied. With the help of several broad-minded brass players in my geographically most immediate circle of musicians, we investigated the possibilities by starting truly from the root of the matter: air, tubes, vibrations. Later: combining, applying, repositioning.

Radix was commissioned by the remarkably international Ensemble Schwerpunkt, with funds provided by Madetoja Foundation (Madetoja-säätiö) and Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland (Svenska kulturfonden). It is dedicated to the members of Ensemble Schwerpunkt: Janne Jakobsson, Matthew Brown, Cecilie Marie Schwagers, Mikael Rudolfsson, and Matthew Sadler.

© 2013 CC-BY Jarkko Hartikainen

This video recording is from a performance by Ensemble Schwerpunkt on May the 4th [be with you] 2016 at Kleiner Sendesaal in NDR in Hannover, Germany in the Musik 21 im NDR concert series under the title “Der Globus als Klangkörper” – a concert consisting five pieces from the five native countries of Ensemble Schwerpunkt’s members.

Ensemble Schwerpunkt are:
Matthew Brown, trumpet
Matthew Sadler, trumpet
Cecilie Marie Schwagers, horn
Mikael Rudolfsson, trombone
Janne Jakobsson, tuba

Performance history of Radix:

Sat 30 September 2017
Nordic Music Days at Southbank Centre, London (UK)
London Sinfonietta (Brass Quintet)

Fri 8 July 2016
Time of Music, Viitasaari (Finland)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Wed 4 May 2016
Music 21 in NDR, Hannover (Germany)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Sun 14 June 2015
aDevantegarde.13 – the composers’ festival, Munich (Germany)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Mon 29 November 2014
Podium Worpswede, Worpswede (Germany)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Thu 25 November 2014
Unerhörte Musik, BKA-Theater, Berlin (Germany)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Fri 8 November 2013
Pirkanmaan musiikkiopisto, Tampere (Finland)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Thu 7 November 2013
Närpes (Finland)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Wed 6 November 2013
The Sibelius museum, Turku (Finland)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Tue 5 November 2013 (world premiere)
Sibelius Academy Concert Hall, Helsinki (Finland)
Ensemble Schwerpunkt

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